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help needed on understanding meter not covered in manual

In the guide book, it gives me several modes to use. tds-ppm (kcL), tds-ppm (442), tds-ppm (NaCL), Ec-us, Ec-ms. and ppt for all.…
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Help, first real grow

Well, basically I have $2200 to spend on anything related to growing. The only problem, is that after I have everything setup, I…
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God Must Die (2)

I don’t mean that true feeling in the heart that many know as god. I mean the god idea that can be found…
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Is it too late to start autoflowering?

Im located in London and heard its too late to start growing "normal" cannabis plants, so I done a bit of research and…
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First time grow in cabinet with CFL’s

Hey GC! So I have been reading so much on here and other forums that I decided it was time to try and…
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my mini cfl grow.

hey guys heres a look at my new diy tent. ladies in there are some bagseed,one liberty haze fem from barneys a pure…
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