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Senator Adds Hemp Legalization To Farm Bill

Bodhi GroupCanadian farmer harvests a bountiful hemp crop. He could be joined by his U.S. neighbors if Sen. Ron Wyden’s amendment to the…
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spring photoperiod

this is just a thought if u veg some plants indoor thru the winter then u could put them outdoors in the spring…
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Question of 2012

Which strain harvests earlier than the 2 months they need for flowering? I seen some strains that only need 6 weeks of floweringVia…
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2012 outdoor grow have a few questions!

Hey gc So I’ve nvr grown outdoors but was scouting around where I live and found a pretty good spot! I wanna grow…
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CFL first grow – need some suggestions/opinions

Hey guys, So I bought 2 5pks of feminized northern lights and germinated them, so far 9 have sprouted and been placed in…
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pretty nutty story

so my good friend grows…and is very careful about it…he is nice enough to let me trim with him when he harvests and…
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