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Couple Ounces

Whats up guys, this is a strain called Nebula from Paradise Seeds a Haze X Master Widow(White Widow Cross). Fruity smell and taste.…
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Haze Skunk X thread. For Hugo.

I just sew 6 mango haze and 4 o haze x sk seeds. We’ll see if Mr Blakey and Mr Watson’s beans are…
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micro sea of green plants spacing

hello gc. just wondering if anyone here has planted more then the recommended 4 plants per square foot in a micro sog setup…
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spice bros c99 x "lieu hanh"

strain – spice bros c99 x "lieu hanh" (neville’s haze x viet black) indica/sativa – fairly mid indoor/outdoor – indoor grow w/ 400W…
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7 More Grams of Silver Haze- Nova Scotia, Canada

Yo city; really stoned at the moment from a day of non-stop smoking/vaping. Anyways, grabbed this quarter on Friday from the same guy…
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Daze (haze x sour diesel)

Only got 1.5 jus to try it out. Couldnt pass it up haha. Has the hazey look but has the strongets diesely smell.…
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