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Re: Good news from my doctor

(only registered users can se the link, login or register) some here have given it a try. (only registered users can se the link,…
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Detox diet for health!!!

Well,we should be eat the healthier foods.Detox diet is the best for the fitness and the health.Most of the people using this diet…
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Road Trip: In Search of Good Medicine – Hercules Health

Hercules Health Center is located in a state-o-the-art medical facility in Hercules, California, just north of OaklandStory and Photos by Sharon LettsHercules Health…
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So, my mom’s crazy, I think.

My family’s going to Disneyland and my smokes to relieve a few health issues and is worried about what to do about weed…
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how exactly does it work with medical marijuana?

Well, I got some health issues that really disappear after usage of marijuana even if bad quality. (I do not use it medicaly…
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The U. Press urges all Americans without health insurance to not vote for Obama

In a just published editorial the Unintimidated Press calls on all Americans without health insurance to not vote for Barack Obama: (only registered…
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