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Update Luther Dogman seedlings doing great! How do I add photos to my journal? Help

How do I add photos?(only registered users can se the link, login or register) luther dogman strain luther dogman strain grow luther dogman…
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Possibly fake weed??

Ok so I’ve been buying larger amounts of weed the past two months or so then I used to and at least 5…
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Hash bag help

I need some help finding a bag set for sale. Probably going to use 5 gallon size bags. I would just like to…
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Outdoor Flowering HELP!

Hey blades, I have an outdoor plant that I just acquired which has only been fed twice since April but it has battled…
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buying a newbong need help

i live in Canada and am buying a new bong and would appreciate any input i was thinking about this one(only registered users…
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first time cloner

hi good people:hello: im a newbie and its my first time cloning and would really appreciate some advice:wave::wave: im wondering about lighting and…
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