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I figured I would make a thread dedicated to my city and the people in it. Whats good 412?:smoke: I love the herb…
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Do Generation Blunts/Joints Get You Higher?

A generation j is a collection of joint roaches that were combined together to form a new joint. I usually roll up my…
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Marijuana Legalization Push Gets $1.25 Million; Big Lead In Polls

Burien DailyReal Legalization Or ‘Decrim On Steroids,’ I-502 Appears Headed For VictoryWashington state’s Initiative 502, which would legalize and tax marijuana and sell…
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Studies Spanning 12 Years: Medical Marijuana Works

Los Angeles Cannabis ClubsA historic, 12-year experiment in medical marijuana research which brought new science to the debate on the place of cannabis…
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Buying a slide

So I just got this bong at a local headshop. (only registered users can se the link, login or register) The bowl is…
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My new outlook on weed. How to stay high.

Ok so me and my brother in law were stoned last night and a very interesting thought came up. See, we have been…
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