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Sweet Seeds 1st Diary Competition

An amazing contest that took the 3 winners to Amsterdam, where they received their trophies at the 2010 Highlife Cup In a singular…
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Kal-X Regular Seeds

THSeeds crossed their best hash producers together, and guess what it made …. a resin encrusted plant, that makes great hash, with very…
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0rtega Indica | The perfect soporific

Ortega Indica is the first medical strain officially classified as such by Dutch Passion. Its pedigree dates back to origi­nalstock from breeder Neville’s…
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Indoor Growing Spaces that growers use to cultivate cannabis

In this issue we have decided to take a closer look at the Indoor Growing Spaces that growers use to cultivate cannabis. Growers…
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Strain Hunters – Q & A

1. Briefly tell us about yourself, growing in Italy, and how you became involved with Strain Hunters, strain hunting. I grew up in…
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Shantibaba – Mr. Nice Seeds – Interview

Following a series of interviews with some of the worlds leading cannabis breeders, it was about time Soft Secrets pulled their fingers out…
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