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What is wrong with this clone?

This is a three and a half week old AK47 clone. Its growth Is very twisted/deformed. Next to it are trainwreck clones that…
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Please help! need to make g-room door airtight

So i built my own grow box its mint. but my only problem is trying to figure out how to make the door…
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DIY carbon exhaust fan help

So I’m setting up a decent size grow box in one of my closets, Im only going to have 1 plant growing using…
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Home Depot/Lowe’s light or 150W HPS to MH Conversion bulb?

I got this grow light without knowing that you can’t find a 150W HPS to MH Conversion bulb ANYWHERE. (If you’ve got a…
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Bulk Isopropyl Alcohol

I clean my pieces basically every night after I smoke, therefore I am going through alcohol like no other and I’m tired of…
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Starting a plant. Have a couple last questions

Ok So far I am pretty sure I got the whole growing setup portion down for my plant. With a box 3, CFLs,…
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