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Possibly fake weed??

Ok so I’ve been buying larger amounts of weed the past two months or so then I used to and at least 5…
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I’m really drunk… how do i sober up?

I am crossfaded and threw up ALOT! I just got home, what should i eat/drink/etc? 🙁 Via (only registered users can se the…
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during class

My situation is I go to high school. At the end of the day i have a 72 min long spare class where…
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My 14 year old sister gets more money than I do

So yeah im 18 and on my last few weeks of living at home before I go to university but there is just…
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Officials Say Marijuana Smell From Home Violates Zoning

Tom Perkins/AnnArbor.comNeighbors have complained that the smell of marijuana coming from 1397 Crestwood Street in Ypsilanti Township, MichiganA flag bearing a marijuana leaf…
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does anyone buy weed postal

well i wanted to know does anyone buy weed postal and if they do, do you get it send to your home add…
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