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What is a fair price for a 93 honda accord

I dont have much info on the car because i just got a quick 5 minute look but its a faded red 93…
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3 by 2 grow room lights

hy all i have a 3 foot by 2 foot grow room it is about 5 ft high im running cfls for veg…
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Do you guys recommend using a xxx6 in a 4x4tent

Or would that be too big of a hood for this size tent Via (only registered users can se the link, login or…
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Man Critically Injured Trying To Retrieve Stolen Marijuana

Woodstock Police DepartmentAlleged pot thieves Hanna M. Schacht (left) and John C. KurchinaAn Illinois man who fell from the hood of a moving…
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Unfortunate event right after buying a bong

So there’s this head shop in the area I live in and they only sell glass pieces. Very nice collection of glass pipes,…
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Weed and asshole

So today with my two friends I went after school to our dealer, for one gram. And when we burned it one guy…
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