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Plant suddenly drooping ~ from upright and firm to everything sagging like a coat.

I’m hoping the plant can recover and I’m guessing this is from shock (water temp). Here’s the rundown. My res has been quite…
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Cartoon planet

For those unfamiliar with Cartoon Planet, it’s an hour long block of shows on cartoon network that includes shows like Johnny bravo, cow…
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California Marijuana Eradication Program Cut Back

News Junkie Post”Here, I’ll hold the plants and you hump my leg. How much is it we’re making again? Couple hundred bucks an…
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Graffiti from yesterday

I’m into this stuff. Tell me what you think. Took a half hour, ran out of paint. Via (only registered users can se…
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My First Bad High Experience

Alright so the other night me and two friends each had split 3 bowls and a J , nothing un usual, everything was…
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My cannabis photographs

Guaranteed photos coming in one hour and thirty minutes. Via (only registered users can se the link, login or register) kannabis valokuva
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