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Tamisium Extractor – help with end product

well I got the Tamisium TE175 super deluxe extractor, so far I have had much better results then friends who use the normal…
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mflb and methylated spirits?

Is it okay to use "methylated spirits" to clean my mflb? The bottle says "Bartoline" on it, I’m assuming this is the make,…
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Mankind’s Reaction to Cannabis

Atheists bear with me on this one 😉 If I were God, I would be shocked at mankind’s reaction to cannabis. If I…
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Health Store products

I am planning on going to a local health food emporium today and had a few quick questions for you more advanced Organic…
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Purple Diesel Spice

So I bought this herbal potpourri stuff called Purple Diesel Spice today. It says it’s not meant for human consumption, but you know…
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General : Hops Hash – Does it work?

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Hops Hash – Does it work?Posted: 26April2011 at 02:01 Hi there, sorry…
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