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Harvest heavy with half the light

The Marijuana Horticulture Bible is a great book! I have a closet space 3 feet square by 4 feet tall. I want to…
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The Bloombox – Indoor Grow Boxes

It’s nice to have your support on such needed answers! I want to buy a Quick Grow Seed to Bloom Box. Is it…
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Preparing the space – Ed Rosenthal

No matter how large or small the gar­den, all of the plants’ needs must be met. Although techniques for deliver­ingthem may vary with…
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Hot Room Marijuana grow – Questions to Jorges Cervantes

My grow room setup is as follows: the room is 2.5 x 3.3 x 1.8 meters. I have 3, 1000w HP sodium lamps,…
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ABCs of Growing Indoors

The basics necessary to grow indoors are easy. Find a secure location, plant good seeds or clones, create the proper climate—air, light water,…
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White Widow – Royal Queen Seeds – True to her name, she has a frosting of white crystals

Undoubtedly a good example of what represents a White strain plant with a big Indica influence, fairly low yields, but strong buzz and…
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