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Power Africa, anyone?

Hi GC. Seedsman Power Africa tempted me, had some nice smoke with DP Durban but was keen to get a Durban hybrid with…
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What strains guys?

Hey guys and gals! I Was wondering what your favorite kind of strains were? Indica Sativa Hybrid(near equal) Hybrid(Sativa dominant) Hybrid(Indica dominant) I…
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Woody OG?

That Woody OG Kush was one of my faves about a year ago. What every happen to that strain and who or did…
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Indoor Growing : Height gauge?

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Height gauge?Posted: 27June2012 at 11:20 Marley’s Collie will gain more height than…
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Pretty No-Name Pick-up

Hey guys, Been awhile since my last post, and since I just got my camera fixed, I figured this new pick-up would be…
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Quarter Oz Cynex

Just picked up a quarter ounce of cynex. This stuff is frosty as hell and just reeks. The smell is so pungent it…
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