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Ice Bubble Bag Hash – Is This Enough Weed?

Hey, guys. Not to advertise what I do for a living, but I have been saving quallity hash material for the past few…
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1000w in 6 inch cool tube question

I bought a 6 inch cool tube for a great price (60$ ca) and purchased my ballast/hps bulb last night. 1000w. My concern…
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ive taken the step

Wanting to start my first attempt with hydro. Also in jacksonville Fla last week I visited my first hydro shop and the lady…
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M3 Michigan Made Mix (Soil) – Nutes Unnecessary?

(This was posted in another forum and posted here after it was recommended an organic section may be more knowledgeable in this regard…
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Bulk Soil Mix… Any suggestions?

I’m trying to save a couple bucks by mixing my own soil at the nursery this year. They sell premixed "garden or nursery…
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my 2nd grow

Hi all! I’ve just started my 2nd grow, i’ve decided to grow a mother plant from a PPP seed i had laying around.…
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