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Hunger Games Review

Alright grasscity, hunger games is out. I read the books, thought they were decent, easy reads. With all the hype for the movie,…
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BCBD order.

Sent my order in to BC Bud Depot. Lotsa hype about whether these guys are reliable or not. The order went in the…
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Don’t understand the hype about PURP

I really don’t understand why people I meet are so impressed with purple strains. I prefer a frosty white nug than a dark…
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Performing Live

has anyone on here performed live before? be it in a band, group, stand up, poetry etc. i am about to perform my…
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Regulate Marijuana like Wine

(only registered users can se the link, login or register) NRAmerica /January 16, 2012 At the last meeting of the Libertarian National Committee…
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Lost : For those who previously didn’t give a shit about the Bearsy / Hurley Look alike running gag

So I have been hearing about that fucking show Lost for years now. Didn’t realize it had been on for over half a…
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