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Why is windows messing with my bass boost?

So heres my problem. For the longest time I have had two 15 inch subwoofers hooked up as my PC speakers to blast…
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Richard Lee Endorses Ohio Medical Cannabis Amendment

Cannabis icon Richard Lee, in one of his first statements since the raid on Oaksterdam University, has endorsed the Ohio Medical Cannabis Amendment. “Can…
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There should be a "Come at me bro" forum

Where all disputes, trolling, name-calling, ect. gets piled into… Rather than smack the banhammer or give out needless infractions for silly, sometimes meaningless…
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Vote for my 2 minute Baile Funk/Breaks/Hip Hop DJ set

Was unable to post in the music forum for some reason (no new thread icon) I could use all the support I can…
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Feds Monitoring Tweets

(only registered users can se the link, login or register) (CNN) — There were once seven words you couldn't say on television, as…
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Davy Jones RIP

Didn’t see anything else but Davy Jones has passed away today, he was a member of The Monkees, a band that was a…
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