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Mature faster when high

I started smoking last year on and off, but I only really got into it last month(wakenbake eerday). Since then, I’ve started to…
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would you ever quit marijuana?

i don’t mean quitting because of jobs, moving or other important things. i mean just leaving pot behind one day because you think…
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Very odd tolerance.

I have been a chronic daily smoker for about the last year and a half straight (2-3 bowls a day average.) I have…
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How long for mary jane to leave the system?

I’ve been clean for about 6 weeks, I work out 5 times a week, have a fast metabolism, and drink a gallon of…
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Detailed description of your best high.

I want to know a detailed description of your best high and what type of affect it had on you. About the 2nd…
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girl i like and mary jane

Theres this girl ive been txting is it ok if like i tell her i was smoking or smoked. I mean she doeent…
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