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Whats up GC

Been on this forum for awhile now. Just harvested my first automatic probable get about 2 grams nothing to brag about just lost…
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Job Question Urgent!!!

Okay so I know this has been asked before but let me just put it into a different question category. So I’ve been…
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Job applications

Hey everyone. What are some regular jobs that don’t drug test? Everyone at my job has become less than helpful, so I have…
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If You Have No Insurance Do You Have to Pay Upfront For A Physical?

I got hired for a new job, and I’m suppose to start next Monday, the 24th. This week I need to get a…
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A good kick in the butt (feedback & suggestions welcome)

I feel like I need a good kick in the butt to get moving. In other words I’m lacking ambition and motivation I…
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Retail Hell – I Hate Work!!

I work at two different fast food restaurants, and I feel like shit. I just worked 4×14 hr combined days to pay for…
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