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First auto grow joint dr purple ryders

Hi guys I got some purple ryders last year from the autofower seed co. There not fem . I hope to get some…
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Kief with rolling machine

How do I get kief in a joint if I roll it with a machine Via (only registered users can se the link,…
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My throat burns when I smoke

I posted this in r/trees yesterday but didn’t get a lot of help. So every time I smoke lately, it burns my throat…
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Marijuana Dispensary Will Be Featured On Charity Telethon

The Med Joint Community Compassion CenterThis is the kind of arrest the medical marijuana community needs more of. Med Joint Director Kevin Spitler,…
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Do Generation Blunts/Joints Get You Higher?

A generation j is a collection of joint roaches that were combined together to form a new joint. I usually roll up my…
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Does 3 days count as a tolerance break?

Hello, I’m quite new to smoking (I think its mids, defo not highs anyway) and was wondering if it would benefit me much…
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