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Sage and Diesel. Most recent outdoor grow. Opinions?

Beginning of July (diesel left sage right)(only registered users can se the link, login or register) Sage (plant on right in each picture)…
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Medical master perm (DANKKK)

Picked up a quarter of some medical master perm great high nugs are nice and dense have good amount of hairs frosty as…
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Yellowing spotted fan leaves

What’s up everyone, I’m about 5 weeks into flowering and I’m starting to have some problems. What do you guys think this could…
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leaves dying.!

At first I thought it was just normal but there are a lot of leaves dying off now. Is this anything to worry…
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Help!!! Yellowing at around 3 weeks!!!

I’ve got two plants in a ebb and flow setup. Ph between 5.7-6.1, humidity at 45%, temp at 75 F and nutes are…
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Fried card

I was wondering if anyone could tell just by looking at this that it is fried? It’s and nvidia 9800gt pretty sure it’s…
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