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Fuze’s official killer weed thread

Strawberry cough on right, bubble gum kush on left, some funky outdoor purple in back. hawaiian snow unknown killa unknown killa Via (only…
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So my plan for tonight is to split a batch of brownies with friends, each containing about 2g worth of kush in it…
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yahookan Appalachian Trail Relay

cuz sage shouldnt have all the fun: we should organize a relay from the southern point on the AT all the way to…
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Here’s the rap/ hip hop I like (No mainstream garbage

Just wanna post some good stuff that you might not have heard yet Killa Kyleon, has a sick flow I think he’s the…
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Just found an intresting read.

Check it out. (only registered users can se the link, login or register) I will try put it on here but if it…
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