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To re-veg or not re-veg…that is the question!

So, I posted my system of cloning in another thread and I think it’s more than likely the way most people do this,…
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Kandy Kush Grow Log

Hello I’m starting a kandy kush grow, this will be my first grow. I started a seed on the 28th, popped like 36…
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New to HPS/MH Some Questions

Hey GC, I have started a small grow in a PC box, but I quickly decided to upsize, I am going for the…
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Quick lighting question

Doing abit of research into what lighting i’m going to use for my closet grow (2 plants) and i came across an electronic…
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LED light help

hi i was wondering whether this light is good enough for just one plant? i know lots of people have issues with LED…
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Indoor Growing : bubble cloner

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: bubble clonerPosted: 10May2012 at 12:59 Hey folks’I’ve finaly given in to coco…
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