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Barneys Farm Vanilla Kush

Currently have 5 vanilla kush babies about 2 weeks old in 20oz foam cups with a soil mix and a light dusting of…
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Cocoa Kush/Vanilluna/Blue Velvet/Bubba Kush

What’s up IC, this is going to be my first grow journal. I just finished my first harvest, a single white widow auto…
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Piston Pete’s Pineapple Kush Grow Report

First round of the new year! First grow report on here! Have been reading a lot and learning a lot from both the…
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white russian x master kush

Hi everyone I crossed a MK male to a WR female .these are f2 beans and i have some pollen in the freezer…
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Bubba kush autofem

https://www.icmag.com/ic/picture.php?albumid=58864&pictureid=1379219&thumb=1 Ciao a tutti, sto coltivando una piccola Bubba kush AF indoor in terriccio biobizz light mix.(only registered users can se the link,…
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Sensi Seeds – Skunk Kush®

Hello and Welcome to another Journal from OkayJoe®. http://img.sensiseeds.com/de/hanfsamen/sensi-seeds/skunk-kush-xl.jpg Breeder: Sensi Seeds Strain: Skunk Kush ( Hindu Kush x Skunk #1 ) Indoor…
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