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Have You Tried These? Best Pain Relieving Strain Award (High THC) Two-Way Tie! This issue brings us a two-way tie between Humboldt County…
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Special Sativa Strain Report

Sour Diesel: As with a countless number of other strains, there are many differing accounts about how exactly this strain came about. The…
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Hindu Kush x Haze Regular Seeds

Hindu Kush x Haze is an IBL that was originally from the Skunkman but was never commercially released by him. It is a…
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MK Ultra Feminised Seeds

The legendary G-13 crossed with L.A.’s finest, the O.G.(Original Ganster) Kush is from L.A. California. It grows very straight, does not branch too…
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Kushage Feminised Seeds

The Kushage is THSeeds’s latest hybrid. Every few years a new flavour emerges on the scene, and right now this is the one.…
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Burmese Kush Feminised Seeds

Burmese Kush aka BUKU is a short but phat plant with a flowering time of only 7 1/2 weeks, making it one of…
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