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Come here if you can feel the generation gap.

Below is the ramblings of a 25 year old. I know there’s a lot of young members here on GC, maybe even a…
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Immaturity or what?

So at the age of 21 I would assume its time to stop acting like children and be your own person. The point…
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How to tell a girl her hair is ugly as ##!!

well this girl is actually my sis but whenever I see her she looks like a monstrocity. she recently changed her haircut and…
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Guess it really hit me hard

Don’t expect any of you to read it, it isn’t very long, but this story really hit me hard, and I just wanted…
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Which of these three albums is the best?

I only have enough pocket money to buy one, which would you reccomend? They each have a butt load of hits and they’re…
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Effective, Smokeless Medical Cannabis Extracts Available

?A California-based company has introduced three cannabis based medicinal extracts (CBMEs), also known as tinctures, derived from organic plant material. They offer patients…
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