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Post your 3 greatest memories, blades

:wave: Keep it short, sweet, and fun 3. When my brother forgot his pants to preschool (we were the same age, it turned…
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Stoked, fucking stoked man. The weather is nice, Husband is getting off work early, I’m feeling good. We’re going to pick up some…
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Democrats changing the American flag?

Yeah, it’s true. (only registered users can se the link, login or register) Anyone else think this is rather Maoist or Stalinist? I…
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Ladies please

Heh GC, I got a question for you ladies! How would you expect a random guy to further into a conversation beyond: "hey,…
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I close my sleepy eyes, Suddenly I forget about the world and what I knew. Ambient, bright colors invade my vision, They surround…
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Hello im Evan and im stoned.

I just burnt a beautiful bud up in a fat joint. I’m feeling pretty good and now I’m smoking a cigarette (will cause…
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