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Re: lighting

wish I had 75 I`d buy it just to set up a veg room and keep my other for flowering… got a bunch…
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Indoor Growing : new flower cfls 2100 vs dual 2700/6500

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: new flower cfls 2100 vs dual 2700/6500Posted: 23June2012 at 16:13 first pic…
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First time grow in cabinet with CFL’s

Hey GC! So I have been reading so much on here and other forums that I decided it was time to try and…
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New PC grow room, first timer with questions

Okay everyone I never had a marijuana cultivation this is my first time but I kind of know waya round with all the…
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Low Ceiling Grow Tent

Hi there, I have a Recess that should be used for storage that i have converted into a grow tent. The only thing…
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1st/2nd grow, rubbermaid bin, bagseed

Hi GC!!:wave::D So im fairly new to all this, 😮 the forums, and growing, i didnt know where the best place to post…
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