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lemon balm question PLEASE HELP

cant seem to find the answer anywhere i doubt any1 else can i have a lil grow box setup for some clones i…
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the 4 beautifuls

im not gonna post pics at the moment, but i got some lemon smelling kush, and 2 purple kushs, and one tall ass…
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Does this weed look good to you?

That’s a q of lemon haze. It gives a good sativa-like high but it’s not as ‘floaty’ as I would like. When I…
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Do you prefer quantity or quality when buying weed?

Hello GC! I’m going to my dispensary today to pickup some medicine, I have around $60 to spend.. had bills to pay :(.…
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First Grow, With Soil and 4000 Watts-24 Plants

Hey everyone this is my very first grow, and as of now all the plants are vegging still. We are running 4000 watts…
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Just a tAste Pre Harvesting

I live in The Deep South Hot Humid Hellhole of Louisiana in a country town where anywhere you go you are 1000 feet…
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