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Greetings from Me! :)

Hi! I’m already for a long in this forum but i didn’t register all the time, it’s all started with the real life…
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High times with Scruffy :)

-Entry 1- what is up gc?? its scruffy here, well my good freinds call me scruffy even though my name is sean, ill…
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UFO real life stories, encounters

I would like to hear some possible UFO encounters some of the peeps here may have had? Because surely I’m not the only…
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question regarding how we cant talk about other drugs anymore.

well sadly we cant talk about drugs other then weed on gc anymore. but why are we still aloud to talk about alcohol,salvia,and…
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The best smoke sesh ever

This is gonna be a pretty damn long story, but i promise if you read it you may die laughing. Hey, isn’t that…
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The Official Science vs. Religion Thread

The last couple weeks I’ve seen GC flooded with threads that start out peaceful and see people having real, intelligent discussions, and sometimes…
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