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Cannabis, Cancer, Zoey, and a life I hadn’t expected.

My 8 year old Black Lab has been diagnosed with Stage 3, B cell Type Lymphoma. The very day we found out, we…
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So, how many of you have heard of one of the most glorious and timeless music genres, originating in Greece? Those guys used…
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Re: Maybe its time to chill a bit

Frenzys journey into the jungle thread comes to mind as a good example. (Not exactly.the same but..)or the rant thread…..Good idea lazy boy.…
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Girlfriend will honestly kill herself if we break up

Ey blades :smoke: I was having a hypothetical conversation with my girl the other day and she brought up the topic of us…
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Going On Retreat

Something will all need to do, but very few ever get to experience. Anyone could if they wanted to, but most choose other…
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Retail Hell – I Hate Work!!

I work at two different fast food restaurants, and I feel like shit. I just worked 4×14 hr combined days to pay for…
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