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Cabinet Design Help — Air intake.

Hi everyone, I’m in the middle of designing and building my grow cabinet, and I could use a little input from other growers…
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Pistils forming under 24/0 (not autoflowers)

So I’ve encountered an interesting situation. I took some cuttings almost 3 months back and kept 2 of them, 1 GDP, 1 LSD.…
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Will any stress increase hermie likelihood?

Just curious, I have some struggling seedlings that I started out with. Not sure if they will make it, they underwent some serious…
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light leakage need help

I’m setting up a small stealthy grow box in my basement in an area that is not used often and will not be…
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can someone help me with my grow box

Hey guys, me n my mate built this shoddy as growbox and was wondering what I need to add to it. And how…
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Plans for closet grow need help

Hello. I’m new to this forum. Hi :wave: I have plans for a closet grow but I have some questions. First of all,…
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