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Is my plant size right?

Basically I have an AK-47 Lowryder which has just hit 4 weeks from seed, it is grown outdoors in the UK and the…
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My first grow sorta.

Introduction- So about 6 months back I stumbled onto the wonderful world of growing/horticulture what ever you want to call it. I set…
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Mini CFL cab LowRyder 2

LowRyder 2 51 Days old Was in a Rubbermaid LED/CFL combo unit a couple days ago, but changed to this because of stealth…
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Need more nute info on growing lowryder 2 with ebb and flow

Thank you ahead of time for your feedback! I am looking to grow a few LR#2 Fem autoflowers with an ebb and flow..I…
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Small Lowryder Grow Question

Well i was planning a huge grow but have now decided i would rather grow 1 plant (obviously grow a few untill i…
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1st Stealth Grow – Lowryder #2 vs. Vanilla Kush – the showdown

Day 4-5 from seed, new seedlings starting to grow out their first two leaves. They are very green and i’ve only fed them…
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