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Drug Czar linked to deception

If you haven?t got a problem with your drug use then getting arrested and prosecuted is the last thing you need. If you?ve…
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First time I smoked

I have been on a six month long t-break while studying abroad in Japan, and I recently got back on GC because I’m…
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Coughing up BLOOD?!

Hey blades, so almost a week ago I wrote a post about how I smoked some shitty 1 year old grinded weed that…
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serious muscle disease, but want to try marijuana.

I?ve been thinking of trying cannabis for the first time, but the thing is, I suffer from a muscle disease (Duchenne muscular dystrophy),…
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Being able to breathe while smoking.

I dont know if this is normal or if im strange. When i take a hit i can inhale deeply and breath in…
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If You’re Going To Smoke, Please Not Tobacco [Infographic]

Created by: OnlineNursingPrograms.com Just because marijuana doesn’t hurt your lungs (and the latest 20-year study shows that not only does it not damage…
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