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Kief with rolling machine

How do I get kief in a joint if I roll it with a machine Via (only registered users can se the link,…
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Earl Sweatshirt … *GASP*

Earl Sweatshirt’s return to rap was publicised as if he would have been able to revive the dying rap game and carry what…
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First clones…slight yellowing.

First set of clones I’ve done on a little cloner water machine. Most have roots 4-6 inches. They are yellowing a bit in…
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Where to buy heady/high end glass online??

Hi all, I want a really nice bong made by a artist not a machine. anyone have a recommendation for a really good…
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Our shop

Hi friends my name is Lalon my father is a business man we have a shop in Dhaka stadium market there are many…
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Anyone used Rizla+ king rolling machine?

Don’t post saying ‘use your hands to roll’ etc… cause I’m still learning. The reason I bought it is cause when I’m out…
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