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Magic Flight How does the mflb compare to the Solo or Davinchi?

Hi was just curious about this question.I own a mflb and am looking to possible pick up another portable vape.I just want to…
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Hawaiian snow and Caramelo

https://www.icmag.com/ic/picture.php?albumid=38313&pictureid=907180&thumb=1 Hi all my 3rd scrog grow GH Hawaiian Snow and delicious seeds Caramelo,Both plants in 15l airpots with royalty mix plagron vegged…
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Weapon of Mass Vaporization

the Magic Flight Launch Box + Power Adapter. This thing hits crazily, probably as well as a vapor bros model. The power adapter…
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MFLB help

I may be new to these forums but I have been smoking for quite a while now. I just got a Magic Flight…
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Magic the Gathering

lol so yeah… 21 years old… more then a decade into the card game… and im just starting to get into it lol…
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do what with Vapourised MJ leftovers?

add it to my 2.1 recycled 'magic' tlo mix ? (:=Via (only registered users can se the link, login or register)
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