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White Mist with Variegated leaves

I was given a mature “White Mist” plant 2″ tall without much details. Does anyone have any info about the strain? I noticed…
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Clones flowering too early what should I do to get them to start vegging again?

I just checked on my plants, and I noticed both of them had the small white hairs that you usually see when they…
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Solar hits…(magnifying glass)

Just did some, and I’m realllly baked. More than usual. Tasted wayy cleaner too.. Anybody else do this? Notice any potentiated effects, like…
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400w in a 3x3x6.5 grow tent

I’ll be doing my first grow soon and was wondering if a 400w light would be fine in a 3x3x6.5ft mylar grow tent.…
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slight bud rot? no pic

I bought this larger size nug of outdoor weed. The bud smells a slight bit funky. The fan leaves peel off a little…
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Just thought id share a quick story before i head to bed, earlier i tried smoking out of my piece but i wanted…
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