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Wonder is this would be legit.

Okay, imagine getting together with Apple or Microsoft, and creating some sort of legitimate music maker, handheld and pretty sleek designs hence the…
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Rappers out here or bet makers lookin to collab?

Title says it all. I’m a beat maker, looking for a rapper that needs beats or needs a beat maker or other bet…
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Weed Coffee?

Hello grasscity forum :smoke: my mother is getting suspicious of me again, bless her heart, and i want to pull a wake and…
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Blowing smoke into a bubble

This may be a silly question that I haven’t thought out very well.. But would it be possible to buy a large bubble…
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Newbie Grower-Brown Leaves (pics)

Sup all, My first grow and it seems I’ve encountered a problem. My lower leaves are turning brown..not sure if this is normal.…
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Brown dirt warrior seeds

Well I met the brown dirt warrior the other day in person. Got some of his seeds from his personal stock of what’s…
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