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Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: MOSAIC VIRUS HELPPosted: 30July2012 at 15:03 Btw the plant on the foto…
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male clones showing female preflowers.wtf

Well i started a little closet grow with two plants,blue mystic (fem) and a white skunk(reg).both plants in veg gained height and with…
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Another male?

I’m pretty sure by now – so far I got 1 female out of 8 seeds – this is the 9th… I just…
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Quickest way to determine sex????

What is the quickest way to determine if your plant are male or female when still in the vegging stage? I have seven…
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I’d like to hear some pro oppinions about these pre-flowers They look male to me , but since theres still only one "ball"…
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Is this a male???

I can’t really tell for sure but my plant looks like it might be a male. I’m thinkin these might be balls but…
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