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7 Months later… After moving to FL

Around 7 or so months ago I moved to Florida from NY, I even made a thread about how I quit smoking weed…
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MPP’s Kampia Publishes Misleading Chart About I-502

Mary Jane’s House of GlassRob Kampia, shown here partying at the Playboy Mansion, doesn’t seem too concerned about getting a marijuana DUI. Oh…
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‘Mary Jane: The Musical’ Reflects Northern Cali Marijuana Scene

Sharon Letts”Mary Jane: The Musical” is led by DAI’s founding artistic director Joan Schirle as first-generation grower, “Mary Jane, The Diva of Sativa.”Mary…
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Mature faster when high

I started smoking last year on and off, but I only really got into it last month(wakenbake eerday). Since then, I’ve started to…
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would you ever quit marijuana?

i don’t mean quitting because of jobs, moving or other important things. i mean just leaving pot behind one day because you think…
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Very odd tolerance.

I have been a chronic daily smoker for about the last year and a half straight (2-3 bowls a day average.) I have…
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