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white russian x master kush

Hi everyone I crossed a MK male to a WR female .these are f2 beans and i have some pollen in the freezer…
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ak47 / master kush continued

this is about 4 weeks now a lil less I think (I don’t write things on my calendar) . Im very happy with…
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ak47 / Master Kush

Seedlings started out weak from some older seeds ( 5 of 5 sprouted ) . They are picking up fast and have a…
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Medical master perm (DANKKK)

Picked up a quarter of some medical master perm great high nugs are nice and dense have good amount of hairs frosty as…
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GC is like Star Wars

1-1000 post and you are a padawain. 1000-10,000 you are a Jedi Knight 10,000 plus you are a true Jedi Master 😀 Via…
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Re: Colorado is our new gorgeous home!

wal im in co its heavin WOW its sooo lovly green mountins iv got grate soil black and rich .cant wait to plant…
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