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Weird shit in the sky

Yo, last friday was my mates birthday yeah, and we were all high as fuck in this forest area, super chilled place right,…
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Cops stole my bong

My brother was driving home from his mates house with my RooR 18" Behemoth Green label beaker, my spacecase grinder and 5gs of…
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Outdoor Growing : Outdoor Growing -The basics

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Outdoor Growing -The basicsPosted: 26June2012 at 15:52 lol the tv has hardly…
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Who else HATES Cockblocks!?

Every man’s been there. You’re in some club, there’s some hot girl who’s giving you the eye. She’s obviously drunk but fuck it…
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Meeting people at uni?

Just moved to Uni in NZ about ten days or so ago and I still haven’t made any good mates yet. I’m not…
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The biggest smoking bender youve ever had

It started off Friday, had 3 days off work, and then Monday – Thursday, work rang me up an hour or so before…
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