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Florida medical marijuana petitioner charged with trespassing at Black Sabbath show

Medical marijuana activist John Tracey was arrested (see video, below) in the parking lot of Cruzan Amphitheatre before Wednesday night’s Black Sabbath concert…
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Montana Medical Marijuana Activist Receives 5 Years Probation

Helena Independent RecordMedical marijuana provider Tom Daubert was facing a 20-year federal prison sentence — and he was following Montana state law. On…
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Activist Claims Marijuana Prohibition To End November 5

?Richard Brumfield, a medical marijuana activist from California, is in a unique position — that is, if you believe him. Brumfield claims not…
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San Diego Repeals Restrictive Medical Marijuana Ordinance

?On Monday, the San Diego City Council repealed an ordinance that would have forced almost all currently operating medical marijuana dispensaries in the…
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Obama OG Marijuana Hits San Diego Dispensaries

?A new(ish) strain of medical marijuana named after President Barack Obama has hit San Diego dispensaries over the past few months.The “Obama OG”…
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Group: Washington Gov. Gregoire ‘A Liar’ About Dispensaries

?CannaCare, a medical marijuana activist group in Washington state, is calling Governor Chris Gregoire “a liar” for claiming state officials could be arrested…
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