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Calif. State Assemblyman proposes last-minute dispensary bill

A San Francisco lawmaker has introduced legislation in California that would create statewide regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries for the first time. Currently,…
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Delaware to (finally) move forward with medical marijuana dispensaries after nearly two-year wait

For almost two years now, medical marijuana patients the state of Delaware have been sitting in limbo waiting on their state to enact…
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Oregon guv signs bill legalizing medical marijuana dispensaries

While medical marijuana dispensaries have existed in Oregon for a number of years, the shops are only just now state legal after Oregon…
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Medical marijuana raids in Washington not related to recreational legalization

Several news sources have posted over the last few days about how the recent federal raids on medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington were…
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DEA raids 18 4 Seattle-area medical marijuana dispensaries, were they justified?

Update – 2:55 p.m. 7/25/2013: According to the Associated Press, four dispensaries were targeted in raids yesterday, despite claims by one Washington attorney…
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Michigan lawmakers plan to legalize, revive medical marijuana dispensaries

After the Michigan Supreme Court earlier this year ruled that dispensaries have no legal grounds to operate in the state shutting down all…
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