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Medical Marijuana Hard On The Heels Of Viagra Sales

?It’s no secret that medical marijuana has become a big business in the United States. Medicinal cannabis sales this year are projected to…
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My cheap bubble bag adventure

So I got a set of bubble bags, 1 gallon 8 bag set, and held onto them until I had something to run…
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Indica vs. Sativa: What’s the Difference?

The medicinal marijuana world can be divided into two categories: strains that are either Sativa, or Indica dominant. For the most part, all…
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Strain Hunters – Q & A

1. Briefly tell us about yourself, growing in Italy, and how you became involved with Strain Hunters, strain hunting. I grew up in…
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Flower of the month – SOUR D

While medicinal patients in California favor OG Kush above all else, the Colorado Cannabis community has a penchant for Sour Diesel and it’s…
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Ortega Indica – Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion considers Ortega Indica to be a medicinal strain of cannabis. Ortega Indica is a hybrid of Northern Lights #1 and another…
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