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Going On Retreat

Something will all need to do, but very few ever get to experience. Anyone could if they wanted to, but most choose other…
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Mind Of TheJourney

Well, I think I just wanna make my own thread where I can share various things that I write. Sometimes there are things…
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May 5th:A time to meditate.

(only registered users can se the link, login or register) Today is a day for meditation if one would like that to be…
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Meditating Before Bed

Anyone here use meditation to drift into sleep? Im a begginer at meditating, just started a few weeks ago and I love it.…
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Cannabis – Elixir or life

We all know the effects this wonderful plant gives us, combine that with meditation or yoga at the same time (that’s what the…
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Visual snow – Third eye?

Hello blades, for the past couple months I have had a hard time seeing in the dark. It’s kind of hard to explain,…
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