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2 plants, 1 DWC bucket *pics*

Howdy everyone 😀 I’m here with my latest experiment, can you grow two plants in one net pot-one DWC bucket?? Were gonna find…
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Is she trying to tell me something? A female before flowering stage

Just like the title says is this girl already showing sex before I have even put her into the flowering stage? Thing is,…
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The ultimate incognito setup

Hi everyone I am new to these forums, and the beauty of marjuana. I’m just some kid living with his parents. Feel free…
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So I bought a humidifier, still can’t raise RH

So I bought this: (only registered users can se the link, login or register) humidifier. Its been in my closet on high for…
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What’s your favorite way to smoke? And what’s your favorite piece (with/without pic)?

My favorite way to smoke is blunts because the art of rolling, and it can taste amazing with all the added flavors. But…
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Glass Bong Price?

Can anyone give me a good price range estimate for a glass bong, like small/medium size? I live in central New York, if…
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