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Do you take a lot of pictures?

and how often do you look at those pictures and reminisce about the past? Ive never been big on pictures. Therefor there is…
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little weed memory

like six of us were getting stoned in my friends room and his mom came home and she’s half oblivious to things so…
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First time I smoked

I have been on a six month long t-break while studying abroad in Japan, and I recently got back on GC because I’m…
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Seeds, Genes & Strains : DOA Sensi Seeds Three Times

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: DOA Sensi Seeds Three TimesPosted: 25July2012 at 16:47 Sorry to hear about…
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How Marijuana Affects Memory: It’s Not The Neurons

SodaHeadGetting mice stoned can actually result in important scientific discoveries. Research published in March in Cell magazine reveal how marijuana impairs working memory, the…
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Does MJ make you stupid?

So I usually only smoke at night after all my responsibilities are finished for the day. I have noticed though that especially when…
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