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Indoor Growing : tiny black bugs (or turds) on tops of leaves

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: tiny black bugs (or turds) on tops of leavesPosted: 01August2012 at 13:35…
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Sticky dank vs Dry dank

Okay, so I’ve noticed a couple of things about dispensary strains. That is, many of them are covered with trichomes but are not…
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Hello from the Omaha area :)

Hello there GrassCity. I am happy to have found such a place! I’m a 25 year old lady and my favorite hobby is……
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Sickly Seedlings!

Hi all, got some Northern Lights from white label for my first hydro grow and im struggling, seedlings have looked poorly with brown…
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8 Week Flowering Chart Week by Week

This chart is a guide for 8 week flower maturing plants. Once you start your flowering hours the marijuana plant will change from…
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Possibly mold? Little white hairs.

Hi, can you help me? I have this weed and I am not sure if it has some mold on it or maybe…
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