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So, my mom’s crazy, I think.

My family’s going to Disneyland and my smokes to relieve a few health issues and is worried about what to do about weed…
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How did i get over this 1 st love of mine

Ive been seeing this girl for the past year.and in the short time i knew her my life all changed its like i…
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ODing edibles?

idk how to say this or where to put it… 1 good cookie takes like 2-3 hours to kick in for me, then…
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Watch this while you’re high. you will come out a changed man. it’s about an animator whom produces commercials for brands on tv…
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Question about System

Hey guys, I smoked weed everyday from last December to July 13, but I haven’t smoked in almost 26 days now (job reasons).…
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So much more to music than you think

Well, I was listening to A.D.H.D. by Kendrick Lamar. And I feel like every line has its own special meaning that you actually…
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