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So, my mom’s crazy, I think.

My family’s going to Disneyland and my smokes to relieve a few health issues and is worried about what to do about weed…
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My Location, New Destination?

Whats up blades, hows everyone doin? My current location: Norwalk, CT Anyway, so my current situation is that my mom is struggling to…
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What should I do? Important, I need advice.

This is pretty long but I ask for your patience and to read through this as I really need advice. :confused: This is…
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Facing The Possibility Of Cancer: Take Five Leaves And Pray

Sharon LettsAuthor Sharon Letts at homeBy Sharon LettsThe spider-web-like mass in my right breast has me thinking about my mom, the farm she…
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Need to pass "first check" home drug test $35 dollar one

Hey I’m 19 live with my mom. 6ft 145 lbs. she and my dad have been suspicious of me and found some bottles…
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new to GC

hey ya’ll my name is Ally. I’m from NY currently living in AZ and hating it. I am a mom and my son…
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